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Find yourself some cool gadgets or what-have-you, and have faith that I, Sam TheGrizzly, stand behind it. With nearly every product in my shop I offer a worry-free warranty.

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Personally, I’m a stickler for quality and dependability. Those are the two key traits I require from my manufacturers, because I need to ensure that each product lands with a satisfied customer. Therefore, if there’s ever an issue with your purchase, contact me directly!



For wholesale pricing, feel free to drop me a message!

Retailers: My warranty service allows you to provide an immediate ‘on the spot’ exchange  for customers who bring in a valid warranty claim (with a proof of purchase). Therefore, your customers would feel much more confident with their purchase knowing their covered for a year! Then, I would come by with your replacement(s), at no extra cost. So, buy with confidence, and sell with confidence! Your customers will appreciate the convenient warranty claim process – guaranteed!

MAJOR UPDATE: 1) Payment via e-transfers or direct billing only; 2) 'Store' to be removed soon; 3) 'services' to be updated to reflect current services being offered - for updated information, contact me directly. Thanks. Dismiss