Anonymous prank mail? ROFL Mail!

ROFL Mail was my first website, my first attempt at offering a service exclusively via the web. It was one heck of a project, and I sure learned a whole lot. But in short, this project was the seed for my growing passion towards web development. It’s only getting more and more fun these days to build up websites.

rofl mal anonymous prank mail funny gag roflmail

I recall spending a lot of time on the decision to go with the name “ROFL Mail” for my website/business. It had to be just right, you know? I figured this would be where fewer words is the key.

rofl mal anonymous prank mail funny gag roflmail

From buying the domain to post-multiple revisions, multiple online transitions, ROFL Mail has become it’s own known entity now. Even though for a bit it had to hide under the umbrella of Mystery (more on this project to come soon), it was just never meant to lay low or be hid behind something else. Having served countless pranks and gags via postal mail and personal deliveries, even now I never stop trying to go that extra mile for each and every single order. I cherish the personal stories behind the orders as much as those who tell them. Knowing that ROFL Mail has served all those humorous people, with very little marketing resources having been invested, it’s been quite the conversation starter with those around me.

rofl mal anonymous prank mail funny gag roflmail

ROFL Mail in conversation

The question “So, what’s ROFL Mail?” pops up every time someone sees my car or business card. Imagine how the conversation would go when I told them that my ROFL Mail service allows you to send practically anything with a humorous note/message, as a prank/gag. For example, the most popular prank mail seems to be the Lovely Lady Bugs. People have sent these to others because of a special story or relationship between the two – which makes it special, and therefore I love going the extra mile for them! Then there’s the other subtle options such as the Cute & Personal collection, containing practical ‘gifts’ such as portable flash drives (generally 8GB – 64GB USB 2.0, 3.0) in gag mails such as Shout Out! The possibilities don’t exclude classics such as Shit Mail (fake poop, with the option to add foul odor), and Glitter Mail (highly innovated take on the classic prank). The mails can get a bit rated R with the “DICKS”category, or very rated G (interactive & engaging) with Puzzling Puzzle.

Feel free to go check out the site and explore the possibilities yourself! Currently none of my projects are active on facebook as my personal account was suspended (the story behind which I will cover another time, in a separate post). So just check out the hashtag #roflmailDOTcom or Follow me on Twitter   or  Instagram   (each under different names, but same stuff).


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MAJOR UPDATE: 1) Payment via e-transfers or direct billing only; 2) 'Store' to be removed soon; 3) 'services' to be updated to reflect current services being offered - for updated information, contact me directly. Thanks. Dismiss