surprise gift mystery shipment mysteryshipment

At this stage, I had learned a lot from creating ROFL Mail and MysteryShipment. Managing social media accounts & creating engaging newsletters taught me effective communication. Creating e-commerce websites taught me about international postal laws. Most importantly, I was learning all about the challenges one faces when setting up their first small business. This encouraged me learn as much as I could, so I could offer valuable support and guidance to fellow entrepreneurs.

surprise gift mystery shipment mysteryshipment

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I remember building the website with one theme at any instance, only to change it the following month. Problems with being a perfectionist. Having to go back every other day, to tweak the content one way or the other. So much fun!

I would then go on to use my web development development skills to create FunkyPlates! More on that, coming soon!

surprise gift mystery shipment mysteryshipment

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MAJOR UPDATE: 1) Payment via e-transfers or direct billing only; 2) 'Store' to be removed soon; 3) 'services' to be updated to reflect current services being offered - for updated information, contact me directly. Thanks. Dismiss