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While riding along the ‘subscription box service’ craze, I did in fact learn a lot about myself. I learnt what kind of businesses I would be capable of running successfully, and what not. Things I picked up along the way encouraged me to shift away from the trendy service, only to provide something more versatile. I figured I could provide the same set of unique products, the same quality service, without the commitment/hassles of recurring payments. That’s when I created the concept of “themes” for my ‘mysteryshipments’, and made them non-subscription based.

Themes of MysteryShipments

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These themes would cater to particular interests, hobbies, or passions. If someone loved living a fit lifestyle (working out, being athletic, etc.), then you’d get them a Fit Life themed MysteryShipment. I love dogs, so I provided a Puppy Power themed MysteryShipment. I love cars too, so for those who love cars – I know what they’d like as a gift, hence the Gear Head theme. My sister loves chocolates, for all the folks out there with the sweet tooth, the Sweet Tooth theme.

Lessons from transitions

Seeing MysteryShipment go from a trendy subscription box service provider to a custom gift service provider, it taught me something. I came to the realization that businesses can often make transitions – and this didn’t have to be a detrimental thing. Often enough it’s for the better. And so it was, for MysteryShipment. I felt a lot better by removing the element of recurring payments. After all, there came a time when consumers would receive the odd product twice in a row from the same subscription service – this was definitely unacceptable. I personally wanted to stay as far away from the possibility of running into that issue, since customer satisfaction has always been #1 for me. Which is also why I started to provide the option to specify custom themes.

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