Issue with Facebook

So Facebook decided to force me to upload my government-issued pieces of identification.. For whatever reason they required me to change my Facebook name to match “the name I go by on a regular basis” – which to them would not include a nickname or pet pseudo-name. I’m Sam TheGrizzly, gad dammit! By forcing me to conform to certain unnecessary guidelines kind of defeats the purpose of being on a social media platform. If I can’t be myself, express myself the way I wish – all while following their basic community guidelines for content – then I have no business being on such a platform. I figured I can use my own channels should I wish to publicize anything.

So it took Facebook two attempts to lock me out of my account, before I just gave up on it. When they asked me to upload my I.D.’s, I simply uploaded a .jpg file which I drew up in Paint. It read “Sam TheGrizzly is the name I go by in real life, and that’s what my friends would refer to me as. I am hardly called by my legal first name by my friends” and so forth. But in between the two attempts, I was able to download my custom plates album. No, I didn’t worry about downloading other albums – clearly my priorities were straight *scoffs* lol.

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