‘s conception

One weekend I was out in Kelowna, visiting my in-laws when the domain came about in conversation as a joke.  The premise of the joke is that my wife and I, along with her sister (Man’)& brother-in-law (Dan), and with our family friends John and Devin, were all sitting around playing cards, drinking, and being merry.

Then, towards the end of the night, a few started to plan for the next day as we were all there to get-away during a long weekend. One of the key activities to plan for the next day was lunch. In order to explore the options we had, some of us went on to While some were searching up possibilities, my bro-in-law Dan makes a joke about how everything’s probably going to be closed, so it should just be closedtable. Lol. He’s a clever fella.

But since was taken already, I figured was just as good.

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