Quick setup

Within minutes of hearing that joke I was on and started looking into the domain variations available. Coincidentally I purchased & that same night as well!

It wasn’t long after my “check-out” that I was installing WordPress on the server. I just wanted to be able to deliver the “joke website” as quick as possible. Having picked out my theme quickly, I started typing away – this took me at most 5 minutes. I needed a fractional amount of time to set it up, as compared to my other websites. The reason for this was that there was no need for fancy graphics or quality SEO optimized literary content.

closedtable opentable restaurant reservations TheGrizz

As seen on mobile.

It was certainly the shortest project I’ve ever completed- possibly the silliest as well. Even though ROFL Mail was born with a similar, humor-related inspiration, serves absolutely no other purpose. Nothing to sell here – except maybe a free chuckle!


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