closedtable opentable restaurant reservations TheGrizz‘s conception One weekend I was out in Kelowna, visiting my in-laws when the domain came about in conversation as a joke.  The premise of the joke is that my wife and I, along with her sister (Man’)& brother-in-law (Dan), and with our family friends John and Devin, were all sitting around playing cards, Read more about[…]

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Custom Plates on I’ve had this peculiar obsession for a long time: custom plates. It wasn’t long before I started collecting (pictures of) custom plates. You know, those vanity licence plates, with clever words or phrases. That’s what FunkyPlates are to me, and it’s always been a subject of conversation with strangers as it’s Read more about FunkyPlates[…]

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Inception Following the momentum from creating my first website: ROFL Mail, I couldn’t wait to make another. Then, I decided to create a website where I can provide a variation of the same service, for a different audience. I decided to call it Mystery Shipment. I would ship out surprise goodies as a gift, aka Read more about MysteryShipment[…]

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Anonymous prank mail? ROFL Mail! ROFL Mail was my first website, my first attempt at offering a service exclusively via the web. It was one heck of a project, and I sure learned a whole lot. But in short, this project was the seed for my growing passion towards web development. It’s only getting more and Read more about ROFL Mail[…]

MAJOR UPDATE: 1) Payment via e-transfers or direct billing only; 2) 'Store' to be removed soon; 3) 'services' to be updated to reflect current services being offered - for updated information, contact me directly. Thanks. Dismiss