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Web Design, Development

I greatly enjoy building websites – primarily on WordPress. With years of extensive experience with building all sorts of websites, I have identified what works best, and what does not. I make sure to protect your website, make it more accessible & searchable, and flat out fully responsive as well!

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Graphic, Media Content

I can design graphic content for your websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. Types of graphics I’ve produced include branding images, info-graphics, flyers, posters, social media promotions, etc. I make sure the message is clear and concise, besides just being eye-catching.
*excluding 3D graphics*

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Electronic Circuits

Since 2000 I’ve been building electronic circuits as a hobby. From designing the circuit, to fabricating and populating those circuits – I can do it all. If you need a simple circuit designed/built, or just need some help making your own, just ask me!

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B2B Wholesale

No matter what type of business you run, no matter which industry you’re in – the cost of your resources is a crucial factor. Since I put myself in the shoes of my clients, investing in their best interest – I can provide their businesses with solutions that work with their budget.

Curious about the websites I've built so far? Check out my portfolio!

Besides the services I provide, I offer a great selection of quality products in my online store as well.

Prices in CAD.

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