What TheGrizz would kill for..

I love cars. Like, really REALLY love them. I live to drive, basically. And I would KILL for… a Nissan GT-R. Whether it be a R32, R34, or even R35… The legacy of GT-R’s, to see what they’ve been inspired by, where they came from, and how they’ve come along the ages till today – it all feeds my hunger, my desire to have my own. I am planning to in fact get my hands on a R32 or R34 within a year hopefully, and do all the work on it myself (obviously) and make it the machine that represents the beast within. The Godzilla, led by the spirit of TheGrizz.. Lol.

When I drive, I get to know the machine. I get to feel her (yeah, they’re females obviously) throughout her powerbands, get to know her response at any given point, in any environment.

To be in a machine, that was engineered to do a very specific duty, over whose parameters you have absolute control of – that’s a phenomena only comprehensible to particular perceptions. But I could go on and on about the emotional attachment with the act of driving, let’s see where cars have brought me today.

Cars that got me started

I started off with American cars. My first 3 were American V8’s.. and shamefully enough they were all automatic. I had my fun though – they were tanks. First car was a raised ’90 Plymouth Acclaim, that was a bit gutted for weight reduction, but had stock cloth interior. That V8 was strong as HULK for it’s age.. I even slid off an off-ramp only to bump into the curb, gain air, glide onto the intersecting highway, and land facing┬áthe traffic. Fortunately none other vehicle was on the road at the time. And despite all that, I was able to drive off to a nearby parking lot, and call a tow truck.

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