What TheGrizz would kill for..

Soon after Ruby departed, I got married – after which I found myself in a 2014 Accord.

The Accord

It’s a modest V4, Touring. Fun to drive, in it’s own league. Crystal white color (most of my cars are white), carrying my first site’s stickers (ROFL Mail) – this one for once gets me OUTĀ of trouble with the cops more than it gets me IN trouble.


In this picture I was trying to catch the tail (feather) end of a peacock – he’s behind the rear bumper. This was at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

But that Prelude left me with this lust towards JDM machines. So I started looking into other tuners, discovering the potential of those old Honda’s, and developing a strong love for the concept of ‘sleeper cars’.

I’ve been blessed to have witnessed some of the most legendary sports + tuners + exotics + supercars + hypercars that have ever been in existence. I even have a soft spot for older American Muscle!


If I were to get an older muscle car, it’d be ’67 Shelby GT500. Newer muscle? 2015 Mustang.

In The End..

Just to be clear – I love cars, all of them, in their own special way. I love driving. I appreciate all machines. What drives me towards modifiable cars is the concept of endless possibilities when it comes to tweaking or turning your car just the way you want it to be. Afterall, a car can be a strong representative of the personality of it’s owner – sort of like dogs. But yeah, if it ever comes down to some arbitrary debate about muscles versus tuners, it’s a difficult one and I hold a strongly neutral stance. I believe each car is a mere shell for the mechanical derivative of your personality, your driving style. You could have a muscle car that drive like a tuner, or vice versa. We can all live in peace and harmony, you silly gearheads!

But I’ll finish off with a few pictures of some the cars that have caught my attention over the past few years, and we’ll talk more about GT-R’s, my love for them, and other mean machines that I’ve had moments of lust for, in the near future. I’ll wrap this up here. Peace.

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