What TheGrizz would kill for..

My second car was ’94 Cutlass, which felt like driving a tank. Super roomy, heavy – that suspension was amazing. But it wasn’t as fun as the ’98 Crown Victoria that followed. The 4.6 V8 was fun! It drove like a beast. Burn-outs were a breeze. The suspension was heavenly.To top it all off, the steering was light as a feather – which isn’t something I would desireĀ as much these days.

The Prelude (pun intended)

After those American sedans, I got into a ’01 Prelude. It wasn’t a SE, and shamefully yet again she wasn’t equipped with the 5-speed. But, the 4-speed triptronic wasn’t all that bad – until the dogs wore out. I drove that ‘Lude to it’s fullest potential.

Took such good care of her, feeding her only the best of the best. Swapped out some of the older sluggish parts with new, performance-enhancing ones. Distributor, cables, plugs, cold-air intake (CAI) – and no, not a short-ram intake, but a proper cold-air, ie the cone sat in the bumper-corner. The CAI’s pipes were generic (still decent alloy), but I got VIBRANT couplings and an A’pexi filter.

I swapped out all the bulbs with PHILIPS super-bright LED bulbs. The interior lit up so bright, crystal clear white! The headlights got swapped out for these aftermarket ones, which had halo (angel eyes) + projectors + LED DRL’s. Slapped some HID’s in there – Ruby (her name) had no hesitation venturing out in the darkest of places.


On top of everything, being fed 94 octane and being lowered + tuned right made it into a FAST machine. I would mess with exotics and other imports often – and come out in front more times than you’d think. But because of everything that made it an exciting car, it was quite the trouble car for me. I got countless tickets unfortunately. It had to sit for a few months just before I decided to part it out, and get the most return out of it.

ruby white honda prelude 2001 thegrizz vancouver

It was a sad day. To be exact: 6:48pm, May 12, 2015.

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