The Surgery, The Recovery

It’s been a while since my last blog post.. While a delay of few weeks may be a common trend with my blog posts, this delay was for a unique reason: I had a major surgery. TheGrizz is all fine and healthy now, but boy has it been an experience. The surgery took place on September 30th, and I ended up short of half of a lung, on my right side.

The Surgery: Pre-Pre-Diagnosis

It all started when I was requested to go through a series of medical tests by Immigration Canada as part of the process of approving my immigration application. The medical exams would check for the following key elements:

  1. Does the applicant have any STI’s?
  2. Whether the applicant suffers from Tuberculosis?
  3. Does the applicant have a family history of serious ailments?

I think there was a fourth point, which I’m failing to recall at the moment. All in all, the tests are there to determine whether or not the applicant is going to be an immediate burden on the healthcare system – to the best of my knowledge.

Currently I’m working through the end-stages of my application, and boy has it been exhausting! It’s the waiting that really kills me. The whole application process started in January of 2015, and at that time I was to not expect an end result anytime before a total of 32 months. The first 14 months were spent just trying to determine whether or not my application was worthy of being considered. The remainder of (estimated) 18 months are purely investigatory – where an in-depth background check is conducted, etc. I hope to hear the conclusion to all this suspense by mid-2017. Until then, TheGrizz moves along 😀 But getting back to the surgery..

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