The Surgery, The Recovery

The Recovery

The recovery process is on-going. I was discharged from the hospital on October 4th, 2016, and have since been healing along nicely. The nurses at VGH gave me a spirometer to play with, to make sure I do my breathing exercises that will help aid my recovery. It’s a ‘triflow incentive spirometer’ to be exact.

sam thegrizzly thoracic surgery triflow incentive spirometer

This is the ‘triflow incentive spirometer’ provided to me at VGH.

While there are no dietary restrictions following the surgery (thank god!), I am experiencing a few physical limitations. Often I experience a mild shortness of breath if I’ve been walking for a while or even putting myself through mild exertion. But it’s important that I keep pushing myself, because I need to regain my lung capacity (to the best of its ability) as it used to be.

I have yet to regain full muscle control and sensation (nerve-regeneration) on the right side/edge of the torso. But the scars look really cool I must add! 😀 At least the one big (6″ or so) incision they made.

Because of the surgery a few of my customers experienced delays with their orders, but fortunately they were very understanding!

TheGrizz sincerely appreciates all those who wished him well. Especially those who took the time to visit in the hospital – it all meant the world to me! 😀

From this whole experience I can surely say I’ve learned two things about myself:

  1. I got super lucky with the cancer being detected at an early stage before it wrecked havoc elsewhere
  2. I got a great family and group of friends – thanks to which I’ll recover like the beast I am! Rawrr! A special thanks to my wife who’s taken such great care of me throughout this – she’s the best.

Also, another important lesson learnt is that we should all get ourselves checked out regularly! Cancer is a nasty disease that can remain undetected until it’s too late. It can surely show up within any of us – we’re all mortal afterall. And believe me – even if you consider yourself the epitome of healthy living – you’re all susceptible to tumors/cancers.

As far as TheGrizz is concerned, I can tick off “beat cancer” on my list of things to accomplish 😛


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