The Surgery, The Recovery

The Surgery

The surgery took place on September 30th, at about 10:30am, at VGH. Checking in at about 8:00am to get prepped and what not. I remember having my wife there, along with my sister and my parent-in-laws – they were quite nervous for me. The surgery was to take about 2.5 hours originally, but as Dr. McGuire was in there she decided to take out more than just the bottom lobe of my right lung. This extended the time under surgery by approx. 2 hours, but Dr. McGuire was certain she achieved the best possible outcome 🙂

The delay in the surgery’s completion was not only experienced by those who were aware, but it really put an emotional pressure on my wife, parent-in-laws and my sister. I can only imagine what it must’ve felt like for them to bare each minute past the expected time of completion without knowing what the reason for the delay was. It’d be one thing to be informed of the delay as it occured so that they can conform their expectation accordingly, but to not know – that’s nerve-racking.


The surgery was successful – Dr. McGuire was confident she had removed all the cancerous tissue.

Following the success of the surgery was the recovery, which at first felt like a breeze – thanks to the painkillers. I was walking around the day after the surgery – because I’m TheGrizz afterall. But I was soon to realize that my insistence to abstain from taking pharmaceutical pain-killers would only prove to be detrimental for an efficient recovery.

I always feared an addiction to painkillers given how I easily get addicted to certain things. But I need not fear such a thing because of the amazing support I have from my family. They helped me find that balance where I was only taking medication when/where I required, without getting too comfortable/reliant.

And the nurses – such an amazing staff of healthcare professionals they have at VGH! They were always very attentive, comforting, and offered great communication. Hat’s off the medical healthcare professionals at VGH – the entire experience was so smooth and comfortable, thanks to them.

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