The Surgery, The Recovery

The Surgery: Post-Diagnosis

Now that it was determined that I did not indeed suffer from Tuberculosis, Dr. Reznek was able to give my case a greenlight. But the diagnosis entailed further engangement with medical professionals, and a time-bound list of tasks ending with treatment for the cancer.

The surgeon I was referred to now was Dr. Anne McGuire, from the Thoracic Surgery division at VGH. She was another exemplary professional from the medical field. At this stage I had amazing faith in our medical healthcare system – GO CANADA! Lol.

Dr. McGuire requested a couple tests herself, to better prepare her for the surgery: another CT scan (with contrast), and a lung function test. The CT scan was a boring repeat, but the lung function test was fun! It turns out that I had a lung capacity 50% greater than the average person (6.5L vs 4.2L, est.), with a well above average gas exchange rate 😀

Therefore, given the fact that the cancer was still in it’s early stages and I was equipped with such an immense pair of lungs, it was determined that the best approach would be to go in and remove the mass via surgery. I was quite releived at this point, frankly speaking, because to me that meant that I’d quite surely wouldn’t have to go through chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

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