The Surgery, The Recovery

The Surgery: Pre-Diagnosis

Part of the medical tests I had to undergo included a chest X-ray which was to determine whether or not I had Tuberculosis. The panel physician which I went to, for my immigration medical exams, was Dr. Stephen Reznek. He’s an exemplary professional of his discipline, and I have nothing but great regards towards the gentleman. From the get-go he treated me as a valued patient, providing more than adequate attention to all facts presented.

Dr. Reznek had sent me off to a near by radiology lab to get my chest x-ray’ed. When I got back from the X-ray, after completing the other medical tests required, I was informed that that all the tests went well and I was free to go about my day. But obviously we all now know – that was not the case.

I was called back for a repeat of the x-ray because the tech’s deemed the previous x-ray to not be legible for drawing a certain conclusion on the state of my lungs. Having performed the second x-ray, this time I was assured that the x-ray was legible, and once again I was free to go. Free to go along only until I received a call back from Dr. Reznek’s office.. This time there was no issue with the legibility of the X-ray – the issue was the mass that was detected in the bottom lobe of my right lung.

Dr. Reznek calls me back into his office and explains the details of the mass to me – to the best of his knowledge at the time. I was informed of all the possibilities – some better than others – but at the end of it all, it was still not conclusive whether or not I had tuberculosis or not, so Dr. Reznek was unable to give the green light on my case to Immigration Canada.

What was concluded at the time was that I’d have to get a CT scan (with contrast) to determine the nature of the mass detected. I received this news on the morning of June 1st, when my wife and I were leaving on our way for our 2 year anniversary (date we met) trip to Portland. We drove through Seattle, stayed at Seaside and Canon beach – the entire trip was amazing!

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