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Racer: ZR-1 Corvette

What I’m not a fan of, at all really, would be the Corvette. The appearances have never played a role for me, to be honest. So what it’d have to be, that puts me off, would be the handling. I wasn’t too keen on the ’02 Corvette I drove back in the day, and it sort of just left a bad taste. On top of it all, seeing the types of drivers on the roads, driving their Corvettes – it creates a bad reputation in itself.

Racer: Supra

The Supra has had a soft spot with me since I got introduced to the Fast & Furious movie series. I have yet to drive one personally, but I can see the potential. To me it seems to almost be more of an acquired taste – not sure why. The MKZ’s are certainly unique, so they’ve got to be respected.

Racer: R35 GT-R

And then we have the Godzilla. A R35 GT-R, tuned up (not much provided on it). It’s a beautiful sight when you witness the turbo kick in, and see the beast leap forward from the boost. *gosh* Just pulling ahead like that, at those high speeds (150 km/h +), it’s an indescribable feeling. It suddenly becomes a very multi-dimensional experience. It’s no longer just about the adrenaline, or having such immense control over such an immense beast. It’s the added sensation of passing ahead in time, almost.

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