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Race contenders

The video I’m sharing in this post has some solid contenders, all boasting around 1000 horsepower! Some heavily tuned, some mildly modified – all with a single mission: tear shit up on the asphalt. The beasts you’re going to witness are:

  1. 1100hp Supercharged AND Nitrous ZR-1 Corvette
  2. 1100hp Nissan GT-R R35
  3. 950hp turbo E36 BMW
  4. 1100hp Supra

One HELL of a pack of cars!

Racer: BMW

Despite not being the biggest fan of BMW, I hate to see it being such an underdog in this group of beasts. Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of European sports cars, for indescribable reasons. BUT, if I were to not pick any make but European (for the purposes of street racing), then my pick would be the M6. BMW M6 Coupe to be specific. But regardless, I do respect the German engineering. They definitely carry substance and deliver on/off the streets. I admire the potential they carry!

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