August 20, 2016

Professional Services by Sam TheGrizzly

Professional Solutions – no MAULing, guaranteed!

Check out what I, TheGrizz, can do for you, or your business. I’ve been practicing my services for years, some for even more than a decade! What you can take as certainty is that I will give you my 110%. That means I’m willing to work overtime, to over-deliver. Since I’m a perfectionist, you only get the best from TheGrizz. I stand by what I provide, whether it’s goods or services – so, no frets! I would only deliver when the end result is something I’d expect myself – and I hold high expectations.

Website Design, DevelopmentGraphics, (social) Media ContentElectronic Circuits & PrototypingWholesale supply (B2B), Retail

web dev website development by sam thegrizzly thegrizz
Website Design, Development

I greatly enjoy building websites – primarily on WordPress. With over 5 years of experience building a wide variety of websites, I have identified what works best, and what does not. My primary objective is to ensure a website is safe, secure, and mostly: stable. With the basics in place, you’re assured to have a very welcoming, desirable website. Afterall, in this day and age, a website is one’s foremost form of public presence on the internet.

Whether it be a personal blog, a professional portfolio, a portal for a personal event, or even an online storefront for a multi-facetted business – TheGrizz can offer the perfect solution!

What I can provide

Being a perfectionist I make sure that your website meets the highest standards one would expect. A website that looks great but runs slow, or vice versa, is absolutely unacceptable. What could be worse is if the website has security flaws as well. Why should you compromise on your website? That would not only jeopardize your reputation, but could compromise the information of your visitors. These days your website can make or break your path to success. So it’s only logical to ensure you have the best online presence, which is where I would come in.

The website that I would build for you is:

  • Very responsive – so that it offers a smooth, comfortable experience to all visitors and users, regardless of which device/platform they’re on!
  • Public with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – so that the content on your website is relevant, and will significantly increase your visibility via search engines
  • Secure and stable – I make sure that your website is light (ie quick to load), safe from intrusions or hacks, and optimized for maximum up-time

How I charge

When I take on a project, I like to get to know the individual/business’s vision, so that I’m able to deliver the best service. My rates vary depending on the complexity of the project. The rate could be an hourly basis (mainly for post-launch support) or a fixed-rate, depending on the client’s needs. For an average website (for eg. 5 pages, for a professional services provider) I would charge CAD $500, or $1000 – which would include a full year’s technical support post-release. Just because I’ve built the website for you doesn’t mean I will be forgetting about you. I make sure to pass on all the vital information to my clients, for the sake of complete transparency. I also offer training of the basics to making changes to the websites, should one like to be self-sustained.

Post-launch support

If you would like to focus on your business and free up time from maintaining (editing, updating, monitoring) your website, I provide professional web support services as added value.

Concerned about hosting? Being a certified GoDaddy PRO member, I can offer attractive hosting packages as well!

All you need to bring to me is your vision – let me take care of the rest!

web dev website development by sam thegrizzly thegrizz graphic design
Graphics, Media Content

Part of building multiple websites myself entailed creating original content, including graphics. Therefore I can offer my skills attained from years of experience, professionally, to you! I can design professional graphic content for your websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. Types of graphics I’ve produced include branding images, company logos, info-graphics, flyers, posters, social media promotions, etc. I make sure that the message is clear and concise, while being conveyed in a very attractive manner. *excluding 3D graphics*

Check out the websites listed on my portfolio – all the images and graphic content was designed by me!

electronic circuits prototypes DYI build your own fabricate copper boards professional
Electronic Circuits

Since 2000, I’ve been building electronic circuits as a hobby. Electronics are a true passion of mine, and I love building circuits from scratch. From designing the circuit myself, to fabricating and populating those circuits – I can do it all. If you need a simple circuit designed/built, on a single/double sided copper board (no via’s), or require any material to build it yourself, just ask me!

Ever had an idea for an electronic product or gadget? I can take your idea from conception to a functioning prototype, smoothly. I would offer a range of possibilities, as I explain the big picture moving along. With an arsenal of manufacturing tools and resources on-hand, combined with my experience of building electronics for over 10 years, your idea can become a reality very conveniently!

I personally like to use the photo-sensitized copper boards, using UV exposure to transfer circuits from transparency sheets. Need your circuits printed on transparent sheets so you can do the rest yourself? Contact me! Need your boards etched as well as drilled? Contact me! Need a source for parts? Contact me!

thegrizz b2b business to business wholesale supply wholesaler supplier for electronics
B2B Wholesale Supply

I have very high expectations for the quality of products or service I receive/provide – which is why I’m able to deliver above and beyond your expectations. I personally manufacture or source the products I sell (retail and wholesale).

‘Worry-Free’ Warranty

Products that I wholesale come with my ‘worry-free’ warranty – meaning you can now provide on-site immediate exchanges for faulty units!

As a retailer, if you already provided exchanges for your customers that return to your store with manufacturing defects within the warranty period, then my service will work flawlessly with your business practices! If you currently don’t process warranty exchanges so you or your customer will never have to ship the product out to the manufacturer, and therefore there is no added costs or downtime for anyone involved.

Low Cost – High Profit Margins

No matter what type of business you run, no matter which industry you’re in – the cost of your resources is a crucial factor. Since I put myself in the shoes of my clients, I’m confident I can source whatever that is you require – at the best price possible.

Nation-wide Service, Support

When dealing with you have none of the hassles of dealing with suppliers overseas. You never have to worry about time-zones, communication gaps, nor language barriers. With you get immediate support. If you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you ever want to swap out products or have warranty claims, I am here to personally address all those topics.

Deal with a fellow Canadian – with a registered business in Canada, you get a national supply and support line!