September 26, 2021

Private Equity Fund Management

OPTION A: Investment fund (Self-managed) OPTION B: Income Fund (Managed by Sam)

OPTION A: Investment fund (Self-managed)

Description: This option is for those who want to be in control of their own deposits/withdrawals. You’ll be required to create your own trading account with BD-Swiss, and subscribe to my trade signals (USD$50/mo.).

Q: What is a trading signal? How does it work? 

A: Trading signals will tell you which trade to place, exactly when the master account does it – in other words it is a trigger for action. You can receive the signal’s alerts on your mobile/desktop using the MetaTrader5 application, the same platform on which you will view/manage your trades. Trades have to be placed manually by the user.

Want to make sure you benefit from my signal 24/7, even when you can’t trade? Look up “How to set up automated trading on MetaTrader 5” to see how you can run your own MT5 terminal and automatically copy my trades, live! Even when you’re not there (assuming you leave MT5 running).

  1. Broker referral link: Click here to open your trading account with BD Swiss
  • New users must register through the link, deposit at least USD$500 and verify their account. Recommended: $2,000 for the “$2k to $2M” challenge (^°).
  • New users must then place at least 6 trades within a period of 30 days after registration.

(^°) “$2k to $2M” challenge stipulates that you can turn your $2,000 USD into $2,000,000 USD, within 4 years, GIVEN you use my referral link and follow my trade signal, plus the signal can be paid for by the profits. Click here to view the calculation. The key to success is compounding interest.. and patience.

2. Download MetaTrader5 here.

3. Subscribe to my MT5 Signal by click here.

Since strategy has been in affect since July 2021, please ignore previous performance.

NOTE: GROWTH IS STRATEGICALLY AIMED FOR 2 – 3% PER WEEK, compounding. For automated trade copying, set your lots in according to the ratio of your starting balance vs that of my signal account. For example, if my signal account is at $2,000 then your $1,000 account should be copying half the lot sizes, or a $10,000 account should be copying 5x the lot sizes.

Risk Factor: Floating account margin tends to sit around 3,000% – 7,000%.

NOTE: Past performance is never an indicator for future performance.

OPTION B: Income Fund (Managed by Sam)

(Coming Soon)

Description: This option is for those who want liberty from setup procedures, and would rather have a fixed income from their asset.


  • Minimum deposit of $100,000 required
  • Payments will start immediately – at the end of first quarter/month (plans listed below)
  • Minimum commitment of 1 year required

Payment plans:

  • 4% monthly income, paid at the end of each month
  • 5% monthly income, paid at the end of each quarter

Termination/Account Closure/withdrawal:

  • Immediate withdrawal – paid within 7 business days of confirmation of intent, available if all floating positions (up to 20% of account balance) are terminated regardless of profit/loss status
  • Strategic withdrawal – paid by end of the quarter following the quarter during which confirmation of intent is received. Trades/positions will be stopped being placed to avoid any potential losses. If positions are able to be closed out earlier, in the final quarter, withdrawal payment(s) can be provided earlier.

Confirmation of intent: a formal request to terminate the agreement between Sam and the investor.

Reporting: Quarterly reports will be mailed out to investors.

NOTE: Past performance is never an indicator for future performance.