News: New look, new goodies!

Enough of a product pitch, back to the point. I already updated all the stock quantities on the store, so they’re good to go! I’m pumped to spread the word now. That’s what I have to do next – promote the website. But then again, maybe I’ll hold off till I get a few more products, to boast more of a variety…

More news

New product inventory wasn’t the end of it all – I also got a new theme on the website. It was bugging me for a long time how the WooCommerce plugin wasn’t compatible with my last theme. At first it wasn’t a big deal, but it became a big deal when I saw how aweful the thumbnails and images looked.

Sparing myself from re-coding the theme, I decided to just switch the theme and save me loads of time. As I went on to explore prospects (themes), I kept running back into the theme I’ve used on Even though it’s an awesome theme and all, I just wanted to keep the themes unique to each website I built. I tried a lot to find a theme that was unique, and would work the way I desired. But then again, that’d be the perfectionist within me, I guess… At the end of the day, there isn’t really anything wrong with re-using a theme. It just shows that it’s a great theme that can work for many different projects. Afterall, they say “don’t fix what’s not broken”, right?



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