Epic Fail, back in the day..

Another classic epic fail

Okay, let me lay out the groundwork first – trust me, it’s important. I do have the epic fail on video, which I share at the end!!

I want to start off by saying that the video was recording with the purpose of demonstrating the possibility of an idea. At the time (mid 2012) I was located in Algiers, Algeria. What was I doing there you ask? Good question. I was there, residing with my father, because I was issued a voluntary departure notice from the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC).

Voluntary Departure Notice

Long story short, I was swindled by an “immigration consultant” when he told me I could work the job I was offered, given my permits’ situation at the time. When I applied for an extension on said permits, the CIC took 4 months to respond with (in a nutshell) “Your application was denied because you’ve been working on the wrong type of permits. Now that it’s been over 90 days since your permits expired, you’ve run out of time to apply for another extension. And you can’t appeal this decision either.”

So basically I had 14 days to leave the country, voluntarily..

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