Epic Fail, back in the day..

At the time I was obese (a bit lighter than my 325+ lb max, mid-2008), so I decided to lose some weight. Over the course of next year I would proceed to engage in a deep self-teaching process. I developed an adaptive strict dieting and a rigorous fitness routine for myself. The result was I weighed myself in at 184.5 lb’s on April 15, 2013.

Finally, the epic fail

So part of the fitness routine I had dictated I engage in strength training. At first I did this at home, since I was unable to find a gym in the city. Seriously, there was no single gym – till I found a remote location, after months of searching. It was the ground floor of a multi-storey house converted into a gym with old, partly rusty looking equipment, which were of the least complexity you could ask for. No cables, adjustable-on-the-fly style of weights, or fancy padded seats.. Raw iron, bars, and support is all you found – and it’s truly all you need..

Before I found the gym I was working out at home, like I said. At the time I had only purchased a pair of short bars,  an EZ curl bar, and a range of weights. With no bench or other equipment, I had to improvise a lot of exercises. One of the exercises I had to try a few different ways was a flat chest press (with dumbell style weights). I tried having a platform by stacking rectangular sofa cushions. But eventually I would do them on the coffee table.. Until the epic fail happened.

I was recording the video to show my best friend how I’ve had to improvise equipment for certain exercises with items around the house. Having just started the recording, I got to only prep myself on the table before *BAM* epic fail. I was not expecting the epic fail to take place. It had always worked out for me, so I was a little surprised. But I guess the table could only take so much..

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