Epic Fail, back in the day..

I was living in Sidney, BC at the time. I had 14 days to quit the job I had been working for almost a year, leave the place I was renting on short-notice, get my financials in order, and most painfully: say goodbye to friends, my mom and sister who were living in Vancouver at the time.

When I left, I first went to India for a month, to visit the relatives and “explore the roots”.

That was over quick… But I had a great time getting to reconnect with my cousins!

After India (Jan 2012 – May 2013)

Then it was time to go to Algeria, where my father was posted. I . My dad, being an exemplary man, works for the Indian Foreign Ministry (ie he is a diplomat). I came to Canada on September 4th, 2003 with my family, as my dad had been posted to Vancouver, BC. He left for Kingston, Jamaica around early-2007, and my mother, sister, and myself have been here ever since (minus that December 2011 – May 2013 hiatus for me).

In Algiers I had to learn how to adapt quite uniquely. Meaning, I was in a city/country where an English-speaking population is abysmal, and I couldn’t work or study.. ┬áSo I learned French, all facets: reading/writing, and speaking. I also had to find something to do – so I started to focus on myself, my health.

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