Giveaway for Black Friday! And future promo’s

thegrizzly's black friday giveaway promotion

The Black Friday giveaway is a great chance to score your favourite item from my shop, for free! The rules are simple – you just have to share the product you want, and include the #GrizzlyGiveaway.

It does help if you follow me ūüėČ

This giveaway is currently active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ends at midnight, November 25th, 2016.

Two lucky participants will be selected and announced on November 26th, 2016.


UPDATE: Click Here to view the names of the lucky winners!


Giveaways & Promotions – Coming soon!

In December, to get everybody fired up into the Holiday spirits I will be giving away a variety of gifts FREE with purchases! The selection of gifts would vary with each product/category. Some of the possibilities would be:

Diffusers – (with the purchase of an ultrasonic diffuser, one of the following)

  • free essential oil
  • free Cineplex movie ticket voucher (1)
  • $10 Xbox gift card*

Vaporizers – (with the purchase of a vaporizer, one of the following)

  • free herb grinder
  • free Cineplex movie ticket vouchers (2)
  • $10 Xbox gift card* with vaporizers for $60 – $115
  • $20 Xbox gift card*¬†with vaporizers¬†over $115


* Gift card denominations and product prices are in CAD


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