September 26, 2021

Business Development Services

One of my most successful ventures was a one-man show – an e-commerce brand. I built the website, managed all the web-related matters. I created the brand myself, including branding materials (conception, design, printing), and handled all procurement, product management (development, sales, R&D), logistics (shipping, packaging), customer relations (support, e-mail campaigns, etc.), and probably a whole lot more I can’t think of.

Point is: There is a lot to do when running a business, whether it’s a brick n mortar business or strictly online. And I can surely help you with that.

Why would you pick me versus anybody/nobody else? I would genuinely put your satisfaction on a pedestal. I would get the most done with the least – I’m very resourceful.

Please do not hesitate to ask me how I can be of help to you! Contact me 🙂