July 4, 2016

About TheGrizz

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Why “TheGrizzly”?: Like grizzly bears, I’m often misunderstood to be a naturally aggressive mammal. Fact is, I just uphold strong values and have very little tolerance towards “various forms of lower intelligence” (close-minded, inconsiderate behaviors, judgmental attitude, immorality). Like grizzlies, I’m very protective of those near and dear to me, as well as my personal-space. But I’m also very accepting of strangers as long as they abide by certain rules, such as common courtesy and using common sense. Also, I’m big, brown, and a hearty carnivore who loves giving ‘bear hugs’.

Zodiac sign: Pisces (Chinese: Horse)

Relationship status: Happily married

Children? Not yet.

Siblings: One, younger (by 4 years) sister

Beliefs: Non-religious, strong faith in karma

Values to die for: Loyalty, Respect, Accountability, Dependability, Open-mindedness

Educational Background: Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT), with bountiful self-taught skills

Animals: Love them all.

Environmental views: Not a tree-hugger, but it’s all about respect – respect for all forms of life.

Languages: English (native), Hindi (native), French (second), Punjabi (oral), Arabic (oral), & ability to only read Russian as well, for what it’s worth

Random Fact: I used to be extremely passionate towards remote-controlled cars and trucks. 1:10 to 1:5 scale, both electric and gas powered. I spent many hours participating in races (at a professional level), over 2 summers (’07, ’08). I sold my electric truck (Team Associated’s RC4T10, top speed 80+ mph) to purchase a real car (’96 Cutlass Supreme).

Random Fact: Born at just about 8 pounds, I weighed up to as heavy as 325+ pounds (2007-2008). I dropped down to 185 pounds in 2012. Now I’m back to 270+. Like my life, my weight has been a roller coaster.

Random Fact: As much as I love automotive racing & pushing the envelope when it comes to taking on calculated risks, I am not a fan of amusement park rides.



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